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​​About Us

"Baby and Child" Association is a non-profit public benefit organization dedicated to the safety of children and the prevention of violence against infants and children.
Baby and Child Association was created on 4/15/2013, our goal is to achieve profound social changes in upbringing of children in Bulgaria and respect for their human rights.
Mission: To help solve the problems of upbringing and education of children and the prevention of various forms of violence by providing practical and easy to apply techniques of modern pediatrics and psychology. To help parents become more confident, competent and connected with their babies and children, which will directly improve the overall health of the family.  
Beneficiaries: The main beneficiaries and users of the work of Association "Baby and Child" are the children in Bulgaria, including disadvantaged children, Roma and economically marginalized groups and their parents and professionals, students and trainees in the field for childcare: pediatricians, neonatalogists, educators, psychiatrists, obstetricians, psychologists, medical professionals, social workers, foster parents, lactation consultants, consultants in preparation for birth, doulas, leading parental classes, physiotherapists, speech therapists, managing public and private hospitals, clinics, nurseries, kindergartens, maternity hospitals, pediatric clinics, childcare, children clubs, NGOs working with children and/or parents, also from economically marginalized groups and minorities or in the field of protection of children's rights violence prevention and more. We aim also inform the whole civil society institutions and the private sector in Bulgaria.

Activites: We distribute and promote the most modern, efficient and practical methods and techniques of pediatrics and psychology for the upbringing and education of infants and children, supporting the prevention of various forms of violence; inform on the problems of the present and future parenting and raise these issues in the public debate; create and engage in dialogue with the institutions on the issues of pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding, bringing up, education, communication and training of children Bulgaria and assist entry into the health and educational system of additional training for medical practitioners and professionals working with children and to certify trainers to teach the best methods and practices of modern pediatrics and psychology.​